What's this?
There is no such thing as a little bird to disturb you when playing linotte! The linotte is a small bird quite forgetful and that's why somebody gave this name to this small game. One should not forget that dices and fortune are very versatile!

Let's explain the game
Two players, a board, five dices and a little bit of spare time is all you need to play linotte.
In turn, each player throws the dices and has three tries to perform one of the figures that are left on the board and put one of his 12 tokens on it. On the first try you MUST throw all the dices, after that it's up to you! When three tokens of the same color are in a row, the player scores one point. The game ends if there are 5 tokens in a row, or if one player used all his tokens (12 in all).


version 0.9.7:
The version 0.9.7 brings a few enhancements in usability
Polish translation added

Meaning of the figures


Source code available at sourceforge.net/projects/linotte
Requirements (librairies and devel packages): Gtk2.0, Pango, libxml2, atk

This is a work in progress, any advices welcome!

Contact: ricax at users.sourceforge.net